YOUR Satellite and Internet Radio Station

"Radio to Your Ears"

Listen on Satellite:

Galaxy 19 Ku-Band
(formerly Galaxy 25, Telstar 5 and IA 5)
Transponder: 23
Polarity: Vertical (V)
Frequency: 12.115 MHz
Symbol Rate:
FEC: 3/4
Audio PID 1794 E

Listen on the Internet:

High Quality 128Kbps Broadband
Medium Quality 64Kbps Broadband
Low Quality 24Kbps Dial-up

Click or "copy & paste" the link
in your favorite music player

Internet Relay Chat

Join us in the
Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
It's fun, special during LIVE shows!
Interact with your show hosts
and other listeners.

You need a software (client) like:
mIRC for Windows Computers
Snak for Apple Computers
IRSSI for Unix/Linux Computers

Point your client towards this server:
Port: 6667
/join #access-america

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Music Shows
Talk Radio
News Program
Commercial Distribution

Let Your Program Be Heard By Millions
On Satellite and The Internet!

We Can Provide You With:

  • Satellite Time

  • Internet Stream (various bit rates)

  • Toll-Free Telephone Number

  • Conference Bridge

  • Internet Chat Room

Syndicate Your Live or Recorded Program to:

  • AM and FM Radio Stations

  • Low-Power FM Stations (LPFM)

  • Part-15 Community Stations

  • Home Listeners on Satellite and Internet

  • Business Customers and Clients

  • Advertise Your Business With An Radio Infomercial

It is cheaper than you think!

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